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St. Charles School is a special place in the hearts and minds of everyone who is touched by it.

Graduates from over decades share their love and fond memories of St. Charles School. They evoke the names of specific sisters and laity who effected their life-long education and ultimately their lives as committed, practicing Catholics. They have sustained friendships that began at St. Charles and carry reminiscences of the lives of other classmates.

Faculty and staff find it hard to leave this educational environment that touches student's lives in profound ways. They see students grow from immigrant and/or low social economic status to college educated adults with successful careers and lives. Sisters and laity return to St. Charles after experiencing other educational institutions to find that St. Charles is their true home and vocation.

Parents, several of whom are alumni, share their gratitude for the life and educational preparations themselves and their children obtain. Parent's bring new families to school without hesitation, keep in contact with long-time faculty and staff, and remain faithful to St. Charles School because their children are successful.

Most important to St. Charles School are the children. These are children with the everyday ups and downs of social interaction and learning. Yet, many of these children live with ongoing poverty, bouts of hunger, cramped and poorly maintained housing, broken family life, and violence in their home and community. Many of our families have average family lives. Somehow, these children come together in a community of students, parents, faculty, staff, parishioners, and priests to find a path to a successful future. That future may include a college education with a professional career, a successful working-class business or job, or a fulfilling family life. No matter the level of success, our graduates know that they have been given something special.

We face our many challenges with the renewing hope given to us by the cross. With this most central inheritance from our most loving and caring Christ, we know that anything is possible. St. Charles' Catholicity is a testament to Christ's hope, charity, and love.

We know that St. Charles is a special place and hope you are touched by its ever-growing spirit.