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Mission Statement

We, the community of Saint Charles School, are committed to becoming responsible citizens, and respectful, effective communicators through our dedication to life-log learning and Christian values.

Philosophy of St. Charles

St. Charles School is a Catholic Christian educational institution of the Archediocese of San Francisco, dedicated to the formation of the whole person to meet the challenge of the modern world in accordance with the teaching of Jesus Christ.

In cooperation with parents, who are the first and most important teachers, the school and parish community guide students towards total development by preparing them:

Morally and Spiritually,

Through the teaching, modeling, and internalization of values; spiritually, through inspiration granted granted by our faith.

Intellectually and Physically

Through transmission of age-appropriate knowledge and love of learning and through acquisition of skills and habits that respect the gifts of their bodies.


Through the appreciation of diversity and preparation for membership in civic and global communities.

The students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators and pastor of St. Charles School are committed to the development of a learning community that celebrates all, excludes none, and reaches out to the world through dedication to excellence in education and growth in Christian spirit.