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Code of Conduct

St. Charles School adheres the following archdiocesan Code of Conduct as a standard for our school community: "The students' interest in receiving a quality, morally-based education can be served if students, parents, and school officials work together. Normally, differences between these individuals can be resolved. In some rare instances, however, the school may find it necessary, in its discretion, to require parents/guardians to withdraw their child. It shall be an express condition of enrollment that the students and their parents/guardians behave in a manner (both on and off campus) that is consistent with the Christian principles of the school as determined by the school in its discretion. These principles include, but are not limited to, any policies, principles, or procedures set forth in the Parent-Student Handbook of the school.

"The school reserves the right to determine, in its discretion, which actions fall short of meeting the Christian principles of the school. Failure to follow these principles will normally result in a verbal or written warning to the student and/or parent/guardian and normally will first result in disciplinary action short of a requirement to withdraw from the school (e.g. suspension of student or suspension of parent/guardian's privilege to come on the campus grounds and /or participate in parish/school activities, volunteer work, etc.)

"The school reserves the right to determine, in its discretion, when conduct is of such a severe nature as to warrant immediate action without a warning and/or without an intermediate step short of withdrawal."

Saint Charles School is dedicated to the best interests of its students, and acts in good faith to provide the best outcomes possible for all of our children.