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We believe Catholic education is a valuable investment in our children's future. In order to ensure that underserved children can have the opportunity to receive a Catholic school education, St. Charles School strives to keep tuition affordable for families who want their children to attend, but need financial assistance. Tuition assistance is available through scholarships, grants, and financial aid.

It is St. Charles School's policy to admit students without regard to family financial circumstances. Families are encouraged to apply for

  • Basic Fund Scholarships
  • Archdiocesan Family Grants
  • School's financial aid program

St Charles School expects that all families make a financial commitment to the education of their children. These programs are awarded on the basis of economic need as determined by the Basic Fund, Archdiocese of San Francisco, or the School's Financial Aid Committee. All decisions are subject to the availability of funds.

For questions, please contact Rosario Haro, at (415) 861-7652 or via email at rharo@sfstcharlesschool.org

Please review the information below pertaining to the scholarship, grant and financial aid processes:

Archdiocese of San Francisco Elementary Family Grant (TADS)

Family Grants are offered by the Archdiocese of San Francisco to families living in San Francisco, San Mateo or Marin Counties. Those families interested in applying, must go to the TADS website and complete the mytads process by the Archdiocese specified deadlines. Any Grant awarded is good for one academic year only. Late Applications will NOT be considered. Generally, the deadline is April 15th. Please visit the Archdiocesan Family Grant website for more information.

Basic Fund

Basic Fund provides scholarships for families based on financial needs. Awards are based on household size and income and may cover from 25%, 50% or 75% of our school's tuition. The maximum scholarship is up to $1,600 per student per year. Any family who is interested in applying should fill out the Basic Fund application and mail the required documents directly to The Basic Fund at 268 Bush Street, #2717, San Francisco, CA 94104. You may also visit the Basic Fund website for more information or to obtain a scholarship application.

For the academic year 2013-2014, the deadline is March 14, 2014. However, please refer to the deadline date(s) at the top of the application, in order to ensure you are considered for the Basic Fund Scholarship.

Financial Aid

St. Charles School Financial Aide Program - In addition to the Basic Fund and TADS, families who would like to apply for the school financial aid, must come on campus and complete an application for an opportunity to receive aide provided to St. Charles from:

  • Kremer Foundation
  • San Francisco Youth Foundation
  • Alliance Foundation

Please keep in mind, our school has a limited amount of funds for assisting families in serious financial needs. Once you have finished the mytads process, please complete the school financial aid application and return it to the Principal's Office. All scholarships and grants will be taken in consideration before a determination is made regarding the school financial aid. Any financial aid awards are for one academic year only and must be renewed annually.